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PostSubject: Rules   Mon Aug 09, 2010 8:14 pm

Chatbox Rules -

No fighting - anyone caught fighting will be banned instantly without hesitation or warning

Watch your language - There is no word censoring filter in the Chat Box so attempt to keep it clean.

Behave appropiately - Any inappropiate actions done by a member in the Chat Box will result in the member being banned immediately, whether the action being for self purposes or just for fun. Innapropiate actions include - Raping, touching another's body unwillingly, kissing without warning, or sexually harassing them.

No Chat Box drama fights - No bringing any outside drama into the Chat Box. If you and another member are having a disagreement, feel free to private message the problem out, but do not bring it into the Chat Box. If the disagreement gets to be a situation, then an administrator will get involved.

An administrator will kick/ban a misbehaving member from the Chatbox if necessary. If you are breaking the rules, don't be surprised if you are.
Forum Rules -

No porn - >.< Porn posts will be deleted and the user banned

No spam - Spam is needless and takes up alot of space, so please keep posts close to the topic category. Spam posts like 'XD' or '...' or just an emote will be deleted. If a member has to be told multiple times not to spam, that member will be temporarily banned.

Post with respect - Posts that harass or berate another member for whatever reason will be deleted immediately and the member will be banned temporarily. This includes racial or religious harassing or all in all a mean statement.

Do not disrespect - disrespecting staff or members in any way, be it through private message, or posting, it is not allowed.

Blackmailing or threatening members is not allowed - If a member has been found blackmailing or threatening another for whatever reason, the member will be banned.

Multiple accounts are not allowed - The limit is one account per person, not 2 or 3. If a member has been found with multiple accounts, then the extra accounts will be deleted immediately and the member will be banned.
Roleplays Rules

Each user can only run one roleplay at a time. So be careful with your RPs. The rules above go for the Roleplays, too. A Ropeplay topic is considered dead if a member hasn't posted on it for 10 days.

No Forum Trolls - anyone caught posting hateful or abusive content, or is annoying anyone deliberately, will be banned without warning for 24 hours.

If you have don't have something nice or acceptable to say, don't say it.

(If you have any new rule suggestions, please send a PM)
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